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A personal note sent to the Trumpet (DJT-45th P0TUS)

Corruption in America has reached a level that would have been unimaginable for my parents growing up.

The ultimate bottom line of America’s problems are VERY SIMPLE to identify:

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. (Psalms 9:17) America (the people) became fat, comfortable and full of themselves and forgot the God, Who made them great, gave them prosperity, peace and power and have ever since, been experiencing the increasing TRUTH of Psalms 9:17.

This truth will continue to increase until the wicked are destroyed utterly out of the land America (which literally means “Kingdom of Heaven”)

The very first president was visited by an angel who foretold the future of America to the president.

3 Woes, 2 of which have been fulfilled and the 3rd is in the making as we speak…. it, too, WILL BE fulfilled.

However, this 3rd Woe can be DELAYED by taking the right path and making the right choices…. a reading of the story of Jonah the prohet and Nineveh the great city, capital of Assyria would be MOST INSTRUCTIVE if the president wants to “make America great again” May God (YHWH) have mercy on America and America’s president… God bless Donald Trump

What this is

The term “Litigation Strategy” has an internet definition that applies in part to what we do but is really mis-leading about the unique and hard-to-find resource that we make available to select attorneys, firms and others.

We choose our clients VERY carefully because our service is not necessarily appreciated or understood by the lower end of the spectrum.  What we do is add an element of significant advantage to the process that cannot be obtained easily or without our direct assistance.  This is a skill that is not and cannot be taught in formal institutions.  It is a combination of intellect, savvy, wisdom, street-smarts, strategic thinking and quick wit all rolled into one and delivered in such a way as to result in an end product that could not possibly have been produced without the specialist and the process unique to the specialist.

This process is proprietary and has been developed over a life-time.  It is a process that has benefited others before you and will benefit more after you.  The question is are you one of the rare individuals that is able to recognize value where others see just another “definition.”

We can provide real-world case files that show how the advantage was obtained, the results were produced and the unique factors of those cases were not “the norm” or what might be commonly expected.   Our service is confidential, reliable, professional and most of all impactful in ways that will delight you and your client(s).